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What I Do for You

As your Social Security disability and SSI attorney, I will obtain documents from your file and determine what additional information is needed to present the strongest case possible. I will gather medical and other evidence, and may contact your treating physicians to obtain additional medical reports or evaluations to ensure your disabling medical condition is well documented. If needed, I may refer you to other doctors for additional medical exams and reports.

Preparing for Your Case

Being prepared is essential. As your attorney, I'll advise you on how to best prepare yourself to testify at your hearing, which I attend with you and cross examine any expert witness. If needed, I may even submit a written summary of evidence to the administrative law judge and argue why you're entitled to benefits.
If you are awarded benefits, I will make sure that the Social Security Administration correctly calculates your benefits. If you lose, I will analyze the decision of the administrative law judge and determine whether or not your claim should be appealed.
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Prosessing your Claim

After your denial, the first appeal is called reconsideration. You must request reconsideration within 60 days of receiving your denial notice. Before requesting reconsideration, you should consider whether or not you want the assistance of an attorney.
At the reconsideration stage, I begin to present information to the Social Security Administration that may lead to an earlier award of benefits. Although, most individuals are denied benefits at the reconsideration level, do not give up. Instead, request a hearing promptly within 60 days.
Contact me in Sarasota, Florida, for individualized legal services, and I'll assist you through the Social Security disability claim process.